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Uscom Limited is an ASX listed innovative medical technology company specialising in development and marketing of premium non-invasive cardiovascular and pulmonary medical devices. Uscom has a mission to demonstrate leadership in science and create non-invasive devices to assist clinicians improve clinical outcomes.

Two of these devices are useful in Maternal Fetal Medicine the USCOM 1A and Uscom BP+.

Understanding hemodynamics is vital for early and precise detection and management of maternal hypertension.



USCOM 1A is important for the early  detection and monitoring of increased SVR and decreased CO related to pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. The USCOM 1A can detect hemodynamic changes of maternal hypertension at 5-11 weeks, making the first trimester scan a reality and improving  outcomes for mothers  and  babies. The USCOM 1A is a non-invasive advanced hemodynamic monitor that measures cardiovascular function using Doppler ultrasound to detect subtle circulatory abnormalities and optimise treatment.

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Uscom BP+

The Uscom BP+ is a Supra-systolic oscillometric central blood pressure (cBP) monitor which measures blood pressure and blood pressure waveforms at the heart, as well as in the arm; information only previously available using invasive cardiac catheterization. The BP+ provides accurate and repeatable measurements of central and brachial blood pressure and pulse pressure waveforms using a familiar upper arm cuff. Although the BP+ is a stand-alone device, the accompanying BP+ Reporter provides an innovative clinical and research software solution to archive patient examinations and waveforms, view trend data, analyse aortic and brachial pulse pressure waves, and generate customised reports.

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